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Dog Connect is to connect people and dogs. Dog Connect is for dog owners, trainers, fosters, rescues and other dog professionals and lovers who use positive reinforcement for their dogs. Dog Connect is a local group located in the SF Bay Area (SF, Peninsula, South, East and North Bay). We are also open to people crossing over from traditional dog training to positive reinforcement. We welcome EVERYONE who is interested in using training methods that are non-violent and non-confrontational.

For more information please visit our website: DogConnectSF.com for more possibilities to join us either on Facebook, Meetup or to get more information on Positive Reinforcement training (aka Force Free Training).

About the Authors

Nathalie Mosbach: At the age of 10 Nathalie rescued her first dog off the streets of Romania while living there with her family for a few years. She pursued a career in marketing and sales in Europe for multinationals before dedicating herself 100% to her two children Lara and BJ. In 2005 two dogs entered her life and she rolled right into the profession of a professional dog hiker and later trainer. She set up the Companion Dog Volunteer program for the Midpeninsula Open Space District where she evaluates dogs for the Trail Patrol program. Nathalie is currently enrolled in the Academy for Dog Trainers and volunteers for Love & Second Chances and NorCal Golden Retriever Rescue. She divides her day between her job as a professional dog hiker (The Dog Hikers) and trainer (K9 Consultant), her children, her husband and their 8 pets: 4 dogs and 4 cats.

Maureen Backman: Maureen Backman, MS is a student of Jean Donaldson’s prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, and has a graduate degree in rehabilitation psychology. After working in San Francisco as a social worker, she combined her lifelong love of dogs and her strengths in counseling and coaching to forge a career as a dog trainer. Maureen’s particular strength is combining her knowledge of counseling and coaching along with her studies in positive reinforcement training techniques to help humans understand how to communicate and work with their dogs. She is strongly committed to using only humane, positive training methods that are based on animal learning science, and frequently consults with her colleagues at the Academy to further her knowledge in training methods and best practices.

In addition to her master’s degree, Maureen is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and the Association for Pet Dog Trainers. She also volunteers as a trainer for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco.

You can learn more about her dog training business at http://muttabouttown.com 

Our guest blogger is Cynthia Hyatt.

For our unique idea we won the Beast of the Bay Award 2013 and follow up Beast of the Bay Award 2014.

Bay Woof: http://www.BayWoof.com778_welcome.0313


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